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what we can do together

You have a bold new vision for the future, an exciting initiative brewing... your palms are sweaty, you know you’re onto something.

You’re just not sure how to get there

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landscape analysis 
market fit

competitive analysis


I am a thought partner here to help your team generate insights and develop custom models for understanding this opportunity, analyzing its potential, and crystallizing your vision.


Together we will discover points of disconnect between your idea and how people most affected by the idea perceive it, then we will create tools for how to address and close those gaps. 


Most problems worth working on need an interdisciplinary approach. Together we will create space for the multiple stages of evidence-driven, iterative design.


I deliver playbooks and toolkits that leverage research, data, and hard evidence from ethnography and study of how people work, learn and play. I train teams on how to confidently plan for implementation.

Green Juices

strategy playbook

go-to-market strategy

project management

Modern Interior Design

board of directors pitch


and leadership


Story matters. I help develop a clear WHY, put it into compelling language, and coach you to win your board of directors/executive team/audience over to the message.


I introduce you to incredible subject matter experts, help you leverage your network, and broker a model for maximizing on new and existing partnerships.

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