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what i'm working on now

I'm building a new startup focused on learners who are navigating unfamiliar territory. The future calls us all on a lifelong journey of mastering new skills, new environments, and new responsibilities. I am developing a resource to help learners discover and strategize how to make the most out of their next learning adventure as they prepare to launch, advance, and steward that quest for mastery. 


Our “why” for this work is all the bright and bold friends who are struggling to figure out what and where they should learn next because there are so many opportunities out there but no sense of what will suit them best.


Our hypothesis is that the education/edtech industry is at the fast-food stage where delivering calories at the fastest and cheapest rate has been prioritized over the true meaning of nourishment: meals cooked thoughtfully with quality ingredients and shared with loved ones. We are currently validating this concept of providing a new kind of learning journey for people and building a sustainable business model around addressing their needs. 


I’d love to hear from you if these problems resonate, if you have feedback, or if you simply want to share your story as a learner (in your career, hobbies, or family life).

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